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Chi Kung means "Mastery of Chi" (or vital force) Chi is the vital life force within us all. Chi Kung, a Taoist tradition, dates from approximately 3000 B.C. Over the 5000 years since it's conception, Chi Kung has evolved into an extraordinary range of exercises and meditation forms. Some Chi-Kung exercises are primarily breath oriented, some are very quiet and meditative, others are utilized for stretching and limbering. The common purpose of these diverse practices is to enhance the level, quality, and circulation of Vital Energy or Chi.

This is the ancient (and once secret) art of cultivating the body's vital energy, or Chi, for health and longevity. It consists of a series of gentle movements and meditation techniques designed to induce relaxation, concentration and a sense of well being. It promotes balance and flexibility; increases oxygenation and cleansing; improves organ, glandular and immune function; harmonizes body, mind and spirit and slows aging.

Class Schedule
Location Class Day Time
John Wooden Center
(310) 825-3701
Tai-Chi/Chi-Kung Intensive
Online (See Registration Procedure)
FitZone Program
FitWell Desk: (310) 206-6130
Tai-Chi/Chi-Kung Oct 3-Dec 14
Westwood Recreation Complex
1350 Sepulveda Blvd
(310) 473-3610
Beginning Tai-Chi/Chi-Kung
Resumes in Fall 2023
Greater Los Angeles, West LA Veteran Affairs New Directions
11303 Wilshire Blvd., Building 257, Room 133
GLA, WLA VA Campus
(310) 478-3711 Ext 43134
Beginning Tai-Chi Wednesday 9:30am - 11:00am
Classes Start: On Hiatus
One on One for Summer
Mr. Asco will be available during the Summer months for private training and special events or presentations. Call (310) 474-4959 for more information.

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